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6 Money Secrets Successful Entrepreneurs Won’t Tell You About

Have you ever wondered why most rich men get richer in their pursuits? It’s not magic. Only that few secrets go on behind the scene – money secrets successful entrepreneurs use as routines day in and day out. Let me tell you, a wealthy man will always tell you the iceberg tip if you ask him about his secrets to financial success.

For instance, common facts like “work hard”, “save”, then “spend less”. They’ll be telling you and I instead of their innate hidings.

Even if you are not broke, what I desire is to see you become greatly rich. So, this idea flavour you are about to taste will open your eyes and my eyes to secrets successful entrepreneurs won’t tell.

Besides, the poor gets poorer because they lack this orientation. Rules guide this wealth of a thing and you must ensure to follow these secrets.

Before I enter the snacks room, it’s better you imitate helpful wealth facts which had been existing for the past centuries. And which distinguish the upper class of the society as peculiar and honorable.

What I’m saying is “there is almost no tactics that has not been applied for making more money”. It’s rare for your new tactics to businesses to work these days, because of trust issues from customers and other crucial factors. Unless if it’s an inventory, but don’t be overconfident, for the best way to soar is to learn from experts.

Funnily enough, the irony of it all is that these guys won’t reveal these secrets to you anyhow. You’ll see them as we further below.

Well, your job is now to purchase these secret keys to open success doors – secret keys which are irresistible to take any of your business to higher heights. Take advantage of this opportunity, and apply them. Then see how you scape through making more money in anything you do.


Money secrets successful entrepreneurs use


“Control an Investment”

Well, that money secret might sound common. But it’s not. Perhaps, luckily, a wealthy man who is sincere might have once advised you to go get a self business and manage it yourself asap if you really desire wealth.

According to Forbes, the first 1,426 richest list of world are self-made entrepreneurial billionaires who control their respective businesses.

Robert Wilson, a financial advisor for CNN argued that

“almost all workers don’t start any Investment due to the fear of risk. Meanwhile, workers forgot to be afraid of the risk in their works – whereby their employers only determine if they will live to eat tomorrow.”

If you don’t have any business doing now where you’ll be your own boss, you might not end up as rich as you dream of.


“Always Pen Down Your Plans”

Thomas Corley, the author of “Rich Habits” made a survey of the upper class. He noted 67% wrote down the plan while 81% kept a to-do-list.

Plans documented down are so powerful as magic. It’s just as advisable as planing how you must spend. What will differentiate you from an average living is when you write down your plans and daily visit them.

Grant Cardone, a multi-millionaire said “every day for years, I wrote down this statement: “I am worth over $100,000,000!”. Don’t think that man is stupid. He currently weighs over a hundred million dollars.

Your subconscious and conscious moves stick to this mandate and you end up going far financially in your business.


“Salaries Won’t Do”

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the No. 1 best selling personal finance book – “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” illustrates how salaries don’t work if you desire wealth.

No matter how high your salary is, you’ll always be at the peak of expense plateau. Where you feel you ain’t independent to administer what you wish to.

And generating passive income, rather than active is still the best way to do this. Investments that yield passive income include rental properties, dividend-paying securities, royalties, profits from a business you do not directly manage on a daily basis.

Whereas, active income is when you are timed to work for a moment and get paid – like trading time for money… I.e. Salary jobs. But making money work for you is still the best option to opt for.


“Use Other People’s Money”

Using money from banks/investors and hiring people to work for you is a time-tested formula for building wealth. Get loans, go into debt. It’s still preferable than losing your own money. Even though it’s risky, it’s as equally risky as the latter.

The returns you’ll get in making other people’s money work for you if you eventually win in your will cause a large life turnaround. No wonder why banks wallow in billions of dollars. They give out your and my money and it’s obvious.

Banks go into debt giving others what we save to them. Perhaps, it’s brilliant to calculate the impossibility for a bank’s whole customers to request withdrawal at once. It’s a calculated risk – which you have to copy.

Robert Kiyosaki in his book as well stresses how going into debt can enrich you in a short while. But this must be a calculated risk. Just as Warren Buffet said that

“risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”.


Sounds funny?


“Eat Outside Less”

It’s rare to see any wealthy entrepreneur eating anyhow. Let alone of outside. The fact is – eating outside drains important few funds, which tops up speculative or precautionary motives of keeping money at hand.

Consequently, you alter your spending plans and you involuntarily pounce on what might probably enhance your investment.

“But what if I’ve budgeted eating funds?”

It’s equally harmful unless you eat at a cheaper rate. Let me tell you, that’s a secret a wealthy entrepreneur rarely reveals. Paul Sulivan, a clinical psychologist said

1% of the total population (the rich class) spent 30% less eating out if at all they’ll do.


“Value Every time as Gold”

An average ultra-wealthy investor recognizes the costly price tagged on time. That is why they’ll hire experts(workers) in some fields they may not likely cope effectively.

Let me say, he/she might be skilled but as a matter of fact, that time won’t favour as per delivery of service, he/she hires and pay expert in these fields.

You don’t have to trade your time for money by getting paid per hour. Rather let money work for you by hiring assistants. But that shouldn’t as a result reduce the rate of how you seek to serve your customers better. And see how you skyrocket in any business.

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Wrapping Up

Making more money and maintaining your business isn’t a hard task if you can follow the right path. In fact, the safest and easiest way to work hard is to learn from experts.

Just ask questions from self-made competitors that are relevant and in a way that can help both of you.

Follow what has helped them sky-rocket and I hope to see you at the top.

Comment below on your views and detections.

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