About us

Godwin Oluponmile, the owner of the Ideaflavour brand is an onlinepreneur from Nigeria who doesn’t value the current purpose of the schooling system but rather the accomplishment from self-discovery.

Ideaflavour is purposeful for aspiring or self-made onlinepreneurs who seek to improve in their online and content marketing skills.

Godwin, a freelance writer and a blogger has made a lot of money online and offline with connections with great bloggers and online prowesses.

The purpose of Ideaflavour is to serve online marketers and bloggers who are serious about securing enough hacks and how to make more money in their online businesses.

Godwin Oluponmile studies English and International Relations and he has enacted diplomatic ways of securing wealth for many business holders. He meets a lot of established entrepreneurs online and offline especially in a website like Nairaland.

Finally, ensure to bookmark this website in your browser and enjoy from our updates we release twice (at worst once) in a week which has worked for several online marketers.