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Safe Clicks: 6 Secrets to Increase Adsense Clicks Without Ban [DETAILED]

Safe Clicks - How to get more people to click on your ads

Making money from Google Adsense can suck you dry if you disregard your clicks. What if I say it’s now dangerous to get more people to click on your ads?

Meanwhile, contacting Google Adsense team is now breathtaking, even with Contact Us forms. Well, do you know you can still get those unlimited and safe clicks on Adsense without ban?

Once your account gets suspended, it’s rare Google Adsense team replies you(even if at all you’re lucky to table an Adsense problem).

But what if I tell you, there’s how you can completely avoid bitter stories; and importantly by these methods, you can get more safe clicks, which’ll triple your Adsense earning? 

See, many times, you’re innocent but still get penalized while you improve your Click Through Rates. For instance, you’d see significant amounts of clicks in your account, but everything results in $0.00 for that whole day. Well, if this continues, ban is knocking on the door. 

Fortunately, today, you’ll learn how to avoid AdSense invalid activities PLUS how to get unlimited AdSense safe Clicks without violating any Adsense Policy.

How You Can Increase Adsense Safe Clicks – Avoid Adsense Penalty 

How You Place Adsense Codes: Safe Clicks Through Placement 

How do you place your adverts?
I realized placing a rectangle below the header converts most. Using this placement is good. But only when you reduce the page’s banner placements.

Publishers get unsafe clicks these days because they stuff their pages with advert placements. Google will recommend nobody not to litter a page with ads placement. In fact, you can enable Auto-ads. 

But, Google Policy warned publishers to make sure contents are much more than ads. This doesn’t stop publishers from littering a page with ads.

You know the result?
Most likely, the clicks result in invalid clicks. A sad thing is these clicks are real. Bots which calculate your earnings invalidate your money if a click doesn’t fully land on the advert page. 

Apparently, this wrong placement strategy is where the problem roots. Unfortunately, you won’t increase your Adsense clicks when you spam a page with your banners. Visitors like I will run away from your blog and may never come back.

Your clickers are real visitors. This real people apparently feel you wanna make money using them. They’ll at first be fine at that. But when you inflate them with several advert placement on a page, they’ll think you’re playing them. Such won’t only  un-improve your Adsense Click Through Rate, but also put your account at risk of ban. 

Nevertheless, you have to put your rectangular image banner at converting places which won’t distract readers. I’d recommend three put your rectangular image banner at converting places which won’t distract readers. I’d recommend three placements at a max:placements at a max:
1. Below the header 
2. Before the last paragraph 
3. Floating bar. 

The lesser you place ads, the cleaner your page will be. Anything more than this will slow down your page loadspeed the more and discourage clickers. Poor user experience will send signals of invalidity clicks. 

Safe Clicks Through Content Type: How You Write Your Contents

How do you write?
What you write determines whether you’ll triple your revenue through Adsense.

You know why?
How structured your contents are will tell a lot if a visitor is impressed or not.
Likewise, the more helpful your content is the more you’ll convert. 

For example, I’m not sure if my experience is feasible. But from my joy, I, a visitor to your blog can’t just do without compensating a remarkable content page with a click on the Google ad.

It’s part of me already, but it’s not frequent. I don’t know why but I just feel those adverts are relevant due to the trust I got from the remarkable content and its structure.

Website Design Determines Adsense Clicks’ Safety – Determines if You’ll Increase Your Adsense Clicks 

The way you structure your web pages decides increasing safe clicks or not. Your niche determines which design you should go for. Fortunately, various free or premium themes attend to this situation. Choose the right theme. 

The way your web page looks can impede your visitors to consider clicking your ads. Pretty much, your page design can force them to have no option than to click at all cost. This latter is the worst idea, because it’ll you visitors away and they’ll not likely return. 

Depending on the niche, try as much as possible to make your pages simple and streamy to navigate. This talks more of Mobile Friendliness.

For instance, I, a visitor meet a problem with most blogs running Adsense. As I scroll down the articles, Interstitial Ads pop up. I get angry with this kinds of ads specifically. I wouldn’t yet get see the solution which brought me to this page, yet a distraction would show. 

Importantly, test your web pages on friends’ phone. Ensure you seamlessly scroll without skips and ceasing. Your web design impacts such that safe clicks become more impressive and converting when you make visitors happy. 

Size of Ads 

Google gives that choice to choose from various sizes. The larger the size, the better the revenue. As you know, the better this revenue, the worse the responsiveness of your page. But you’ll always receive unlimited safe clicks with top-notch page responsiveness.

Ad Types

Image ads convert better than text or link ads. Due to the attractiveness, Google pays more on this types of ad. If at you’ll increase your Adsense earnings, devote more in image ads.

You’ll get more safe clicks with image ads. The reason is that link ads most times don’t get earnings. Bots can misinterpret those real clicks to invalid clicks. 

Content Size and Relevance 

How helpful your content is really tells on your page’s Bounce Rate. The longer a visitor stays in your page signals how safe your clicks would be. A click by a visitor who hardly spent 10 seconds on your page wouldn’t be safe. 

So, what then can you do? 

Add to your content size and relevance. This reduces your page’s bounce rate. You’ll not only improve your Adsense clicks, but also save your Adsense accounts from ban. 


In short, web page neatness determines Adsense safety clicks. Ads placement in preferable sizes, content types, and relevance don’t only improve your Click Through Rates, get more people to click on your Google Ads, but as well avoid Adsense account ban.
Enjoy making money with Google Adsense through safe clicks! 


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