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How to Source for Finance to Start Your Small Business

How to Source for Finance to Start any Small Business
It is very painful. Your business idea seems it’s not gonna work. That’s a big problem. We are solving the problem today.

What if I tell you it might be just a little ignorance from your part ? I tell you. I started what I do with no money. Nothing is free but you’ll surely get whatever  you want if you can desire it and pay the price.

You decided to invest in yourself. Who doesn’t desire wealth? Well, there’s no profit without service…  You already overcame the stage of getting a business idea. Brilliant!

But there’s no capital to hit the nail on the head. This is where the problem comes in.

But if you can follow any of these protocols, with a burning desire to dedicate whichever efforts to get this wealth, why won’t you start?

Get a Loan

From my experiences so far, banks love it when you borrow from them. When people save more money, banks loan you in place of a collateral.

By that, you use other’s money to start your own business. That alone won’t make you wisen up to harness whatever it takes to concentrate and give complete attention, but would also be a best choice to source for a startup business fund.

Banks require so many documentation and collateral before loans can be given. And unlike Microfinance loans which could be accessed in a matter of days bank loans often take longer and the interest rates can be killing.

Get a Job or a Better Job

Currently where you are now, I’m very sure there are online or offline hacks you can kick off. They are around you. You might just be indifferent towards them.

See. The secret to wealth is – no secret. And the ‘no secret’ is you’ll pay the price. You can’t start a multi-million idea investment without planting a healthy seed. A healthy seed is no necessarily money. See how to start any business with not necessarily money.

Getting a job won’t only make you manage your capitals sensitively but also make you proud of what you have dreamed to start.

It might take a while to feed and save but it still worths the effort. Perhaps it shouldn’t take you up to a year. Just decide to sacrifice what it takes.

Demand From Family and Friends

Have you even taken this step? Most of aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria most times assume that friends and families don’t work.
Yes. It’s true. But I tell you if you got a family and you know what you are doing, they’ll help you. If

You might assume that these guys won’t help you because relatives and siblings also seek help. But if you can explain a surface background and the promising expectation from your business, they’ll borrow you. Well, it depends – it’s your past actions with them that guarantees.

It’s rare these days to find such a loving friend who will believe in you. But if you ask who you take as friends, they can lend you funds.

Save (Rightly)

Do you eat?
Let me tell you. You have a capital already.

Sincerely speaking, change your habit of spending money. You will not startup anything worthwhile if you don’t learn how to save.

When people ask me on how to save. I recommend them to not save for a long while. Instead, “put a reach to your savings”. For instance, when you reach $100(#35,000), start an investment.

Fortunately, we talk on how to source for funds to start your business. Save a handful of percent from what you earn. Invest when you reach the limit.

Besides, open another bank account where you can save these percentages. Disable withdrawal and see how your money grows. It’s a miracle that before 6 months, if you know what you are doing, irrespective of your current situation academically or environmentally, you’ll kick off.

Get a Credit Card 

A credit card just in a shape of that your ATM debit card is a kind of loan card you later pay for.

Yes! Bank loans you the credit card if you demand. Although, it’s a debt. But it’s a good debt. We have two kinds of debts:

  • the good debt, and
  • the bad debt

You see! Being into a good debt pays off than sitting down and doing nothing. You’re not gonna be rich if you can’t risk.

Bad debt is a kind of mismanagement of funds. For instance, you mismanage funds when you buy liabilities with the money you borrow – cars, expensive shoes and clothes, unnecessary upgrade of cell phones, etc.

If you have a problem solving investment, getting a credit card will source you enough funds to start off your business.

Angel Investors 

Angel investors are always entrepreneurs or executives who retired, or who may be interested in sourcing you your funds for reasons that go beyond pure monetary return. You can use this great chance.

They will be interested in your current developments in a particular business. Fortunately, they can grant you just to mentor another generation of entrepreneurs, and making use of their experience and networks on a less than full-time mode.

See! If you sincerely know you can’t write a business plan, get a freelancer and explain your plans to him. Tender your proposal and see how you start in no short time. 

Well, this investor though mostly likely won’t get a return in form of money as I said. But he will would surely desire to mentor you. He’d expect that you recognize him/her in the executive seat of your company. Well, I don’t think that’s any threat.



Crowdfunding is a multi-million dollar strategy entrepreneurs use since time immemorial. It’s when you draft a plan of outreaching several sponsors to grant you funds with the little they can bear.

Unfortunately, failure to meet campaign goals or to generate interest results in a public failure. When you don’t succeed with your financial goals and successfully gather substantial public support but being unable to deliver on a project for some reason can severely negatively impact one’s reputation. You and I don’t want that

Before you venture into crowdfunding, you got to plan very well and be sure you’ll be funded by at least 50 of the hundreds you’ll seek support from online or offline. 


Starting a business is not difficult at all. I believe that. You know we have two forms of pay – that of kind and that of cash.You may not just be courageous to pay in kind.

See! It’s not that money you even need alone. The lessons you’ll learn while You got to make up your mind to learn and give everything it takes to get your capital.

I don’t tell people what doesnt work for me. If you can share for other aspiring entrepreneurs in Facebook or Twitter.

Comment on your views.


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