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How to start a Flower Shop Business in Nigeria

Flower shop business in nigeria

Ever wondered if you starting up a Flower Shop business in Nigeria can be lucrative?

Well, this business is a great idea for flavouring your finance and serving customers also. It’s demand is high while the competition is low. You can’t get it wrong in the Flora market because the risk isn’t as that high as compared to other markets.

Besides, the fact is homes, hotels, schools, churches and other places these days look more standard, enhanced and elegant with flowers. And that fact gives entrepreneurs privilege to key into this high on demand but low competition market.

People honour places which are decorated far more compared to others which are not. That alone makes the demand for supply of Flower evergreen. I can assure you that in virtually every occasion either ceremonial or not, are flowers taken as important.

Every building built these days demand flowers and if you can leverage your plans well, you can top all your competitors in the flower industry nationwide and even graduate to an international scope.

Flowers are inevitable in any place and you can end up being the topmost Flora industry tomorrow just as Dangote started small. Let’s thank goodness that there’s a very little competition in this industry.

On how to start a flower shop business, you’re getting everything you need to know here today. It’s my best desire you don’t miss out on any requirements I have carefully tabled because this business is a Million-dollar yielding investment.

Before anything,

Two Important Factors to Consider First, Before Starting up a Flower Shop Business in Nigeria

Selection of a Flower Type Choice

You’ll need to select a flower choice or both altogether. If you are familiar with the movement, you’d understand that the two types of flower are artificial and the natural.

The artificial flowers are majorly used for ceremonial purposes such as Holy Matrimony, Valentine, Birthdays, Christmas (Trees), etc. Or indoor purposes such as to decorate indoor areas of houses, offices, and every other indoor outlets where sunlight and rain are inaccessible to.

The natural flowers are used for outdoor outlets. This is another form of specialization which requires the skills, and prowesses of horticulture. These are flower trees given different species and names. They need a special skilled maintenance and care.

This means you have to hire specialists even if at all you learn and train yourself.

So, I’ll recommend you choose any of these two types of flowers to invest with. As you can see, both of them they are different aspects entirely. But if you can leverage both, it’s like you operating on two different kinds of business.

You Have to be Passionate about This Business

I tell everyone who wants to start any business if they are passionate about that business at all. Failures are the stepping-stones to success in any Business and what makes you manage ahead if you are disappointed or frustrated is passion.

See, I won’t advise anyone to start this kind of business if he’s not a lover of beauty and nature.

Passion is a tool in business that doesn’t place profit as the purpose of running the business. I tune up the volume of risk if I start an investment I’m not passionate for.

Are you a lover of beautiful things, environment? Are you a lover of perfumes, beautiful clothes? Are you a lover of natural phenomena?

Would you love to do this business? Even if you lose?

Ensure that you are passionate so that you can be able to endure the coming days of odd.

How to Start this Lucrative Flower Shop Business in Nigeria

– Find a Lucrative Location

One of the reasons why a business fails in Nigeria is lack of appropriate placement of stay for that said business. This Flower Shop business will fail flat if proper research isn’t carried out well on how demand would be.

For instance, an environment where a natural flower shop business is lucrative is a slightly urbanized location where there’s enough rainfall and humid temperate. While an artificial type flower shop business strives in an extremely urban there’s a populous movement and regular exposure to them.

– Meet With Flower Distributors

You may browse online or approach them lively to let them know what’s up. You’d create more tie with’em as they’ll supply you the goods. Interestingly, this particular business is mostly a B2B that strengthens your diplomatic abilities in contracting.

You may create the relationship with more than one source authority in different states in case any of them disappoints.

– Educate Yourself

It’s important you approach who have been into this business. They are not necessarily to be rich. But there’s this trace that they richly understand the ins and outs of this Flower Business.

Pay them if thet demand for money. Browse online and follow blogs that niches on flower beautification for new ideas and connections.

Ask questions, research on how you can beat your competitors. Make several competitors your friends as this would serve a game theory that would familiarize you to crucial understandings in your industry.

Inquire widely about seminars, webinars, conferences and meetings where horticulturists meet if you are the natural flower shop investor. If you are the vice-versa, you can attend seminars and meetings about the artificial beautification…

This is majorly how you may educate yourself and increase your chance of leading every one who starts a flower shop business. You lead because you serve thousands customers far better than they could imagine. And that was because you key into the fact that learning never stops, right from the start.

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– Innovate a new Permanent Peculiarity For Your Services

The top ten richest men in the world innovated a system in business which never existed. Each of them branded a new peculiarity that can serve their potential customers who would cause them not think twice before paying them.

For instance, it might be a gift you give for every single purchase; It may be an affiliate commission percentage which I’m sure other of your competitors never do.

Ideaflavour! How can I derive my business’ new brand peculiarity?

First, be anxious to solve a problem and forget about the money you’d gain from the Flower Shop business.

Then, put yourself in the shoe of your customer. Picture how affordable you’d have want the product if you were the customer. Imagine how freely you’d have wished you got the flowers…

By the above two steps, you’d easily get a permanent strategy that’ll make you have edge over everyone in business.

– Announce

It’s important you create the awareness to thousands about your helpful brand which will serve them the best adorable beautification service. Print banners, flyers, pamphlets and small posters.

You may hire a bus with a speaker. Get few people who will help you distribute the posters and the likes to many hundreds of citizenry.

That’s how you’ll trend. Although, you’d have planned this with your business plan. You may hire me for that business plan. You may contact me through the contact page.

– Register Your Flower Shop Business

According to the modus operandi, it’s incumbent to get your business verified by the government. This doesn’t only build trust, but also makes you a professional in your career.

Conclusion on How to Start Flower Business in Nigeria and Why Flower Shop Business is Lucrative

I know that this industry is not yet crowded. And that’s why I can boldly assure you that the profit you’d realize from this lucrative business is loving! Because the risk isn’t as high as that, since the demand is high while the competition is low.

This business is not costly to start and not as that to technical to handle. Kindly share with your friends this amazing business opportunity of Flower Shop business in Nigeria

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