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Detailed Guide: Start a Successful and Lucrative Plumbing Business in Nigeria

Detailed Guide: Start a Successful and Lucrative Plumbing Business in Nigeria

Plumbing business in Nigeria can never run down if you passionately toss your coins right.

Because as at now in Nigeria, the rate at which households, offices, hotels, schools etc… demand for professional plumbers increase day by day. You can however employ staffs(employees) when you start booming.

You see, an interesting thing about this plumbing business in Nigeria is that once you impress whoever gives you contract you, you’ll become that contractor’s favourite and he’ll always get in touch with you. Now imagine having 5 to 6 customers who trust you that whenever you’re given contract, you’ll respond… How can you even go broke?

Another amazing thing is there’s no much big deal in getting things in place to start this lucrative plumbing business. This post today will however guide you on the necessary details you need.

I’ve carefully researched and met with professional plumbers who frequently get contracts. So I think IdeaFlavour fans who may think of starting a plumbing business can key into these details also.

How to Start a Plumbing Business in Nigeria (What and What You’ll Need)

Go Under a Tutelage Before you Start Plumbing Business

I discovered that majority of civilized Nigerians feel shy or inferior especially to undergo apprenticeship. I’m not going to that wrong notion for now…

But what I’ll say is undergoing a 6 month training under a professional plumber will do you no single harm. But rather a best option for you if you desire to excel in this plumbing business.

The only thing I hate about apprenticeship is lack of self-esteem those apprentices have to upgrade to higher levels. And I understand they suffer the popular disease named illiteracy.

It’s just like gaining admission to the Tertiary Institution. You know how you and I rever lecturers. Even if they insult you, the worst you can do is to sue him. And that’s if you’d want to graduate in that University.

But just to think of it. Does it worth it to give insults attention, when we know your admission to the apprenticeship training days are numbered? And you’ve got a lucrative treasure to acquire.

Education goes beyond the practical processes you’ll learn. But also tactics and secrets your professional tutor uses in making hundreds of thousands monthly.

You will never be unemployed if you play your games right before finishing tutelage. For instance, you can impress your tutor so that he can influence you to the real deal(live) business privileges.

Get the Startup Capital to Start Your Own Plumbing Business in Nigeria

We’ll need money to start. Because gathering tools, and other miscellaneous are very important. You’ll need money to print business cards, banners, to give new potential contractors, company holders, religious organizations’ officers or any their personnel that has authority in any organization where plumbers are needed.

I’m fact, for your business office construction, publicity purposes and creation of awareness, you’ll spend. But the problem now is how to get money to start up.

There are several means to source for funds to start, but I’ve deeply touched that aspect in this link below.

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Stay in a Lucrative Area

To make yourself special, best and peculiar from the crowd of plumbers, you’ll need an official stand. So that you’ll be revered as a professional business-man who is ready to create jobs and serve customers best. But there’s a matter of concern about location.

You increase your chance of winning contracts if you locate your office in an urban area where the crowd frequently notices your business. If you don’t have an office yet, you got to stay at where you’ll easily be located. Getting in touch with a plumber asap must not be stressful.

If any entrepreneur deems success as important, he/she must take location as a very vital point of concern. The location of your plumbing business shouldn’t be too far from where your potential customers can come to.

Get a Business Plan

It’s not until you get a standard business plan until you are good to go. Although it’s necessary but not too compulsory.

Whats a business plan? A business plan is a procedure that guides you on what next step you should take to attain the success from your business.

If there’s that money, you can hire a business guru to help you out. If you want affordability, you can seek help from your yesterday tutor.

But any business without a plan is too likely to fail.


Get Quality Supplies and Tools

You understand the essence of these implements while at duty. Let’s ensure you get the quality ones that would be reliable for the operation of your business. Tools like a truck or van for transportation, Pipe wrenches, different types of saw, a propane touch, extension chord,

Then, your office appliances like chairs, tables, Filing Cabinet, Fan/Air-condition, Electricity, Workshop Theater etc…

You’d need a mobile phone/tablet, then email for communication etc. You may even decide to launch your own plumbing business website.

Register Your Business

It’s important that you register your business with organizations like the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), as this will be an element of professionalism and authenticity.

Create Awareness About Your Services

You’ll need to publicize your business to gather a specific audience. Audience which you know can breed out your customers and contractors. It’s however important that we plan ahead before you start. Ask these questions:

What location will demand for plumbers most?

How accessible are the people in this area?

Will they accept the campaign about my market?

What errors do I have to fix about my services?

How peculiar you are to be different from others will determine the success of your business. Because, there are enough plumbers out there for these people. How would you convince them that you are better off other plumbers?

You got to incorporate a fresh peculiarity and new perspective as to how customers can be more happier with plumbing tasks.

You’ll need to talk and convince them (e.g. Gatekeepers of companies, Churches, Market women, Mosques etc.) with your flyers and posters You can even run a weekly Newspaper advertisement

Hire Hands

It’s important that you don’t stress yourself out. You need more hands to get the best out of this business. If you are called upon for a contract, you can’t do it alone.

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Although at the little start, you can be sole. But as time goes on and you grow, you’d not be able to divide yourself into two. For example, you’ll need who to handle the pipe, the hose while you are on the walls.

Conclusion On Detailed Guide to Plumbing Business in Nigeria

Plumbing Business in Nigeria is very lucrative and anyone who starts the business will never regret being an entrepreneur, because you’ll always be demanded for.

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