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Top 7 Habits of Unsuccessful People You Must Avoid in Marketing

Top 7 Habits of Unsuccessful People you Must See

Would you agree with me that the unsuccessful people you know were once like you? They dreamt, prayed, fasted, read, worked, did everything necessary and still ended up poor and wretched.

And the tragedy is that most struggled to sponsor themselves, graduated and are still nowhere worthy to be found.

Let me ask you this. Did you ever ask yourself why life could be as harsh to not favour many diligent humans? Or probably if you were a victim, definitely you’d have asked yourself such.

You see! I hope you might remember this equation that begins from the smallest unit of the formation of a man’s destiny: a particular action grows to behaviour , then, leads to habit; habit turns to character, then hereafter to what shapes a man’s destiny.

One amazing truth behind this success issue is that there’s no such a decent way a diligent man fights for wealth, if he acts by these unsuccessful habits, – even if it was act, grace might work for this man – but if this act graduates to habits which I’ll soon elaborate on, he can never be wealthy or successful.

A powerful secret you must know is that – your wealth and success goes deeper to be determined by how you manage your habits.

Kindly permit me to! How did you utilize the last 24 hours?
Could you give me some productive actions you took and how will those productive actions solve problems? (mind you, fun would only be productive if you can back the fun up with productive reasons)

And if your answers are no, then there’s a chance you might end up like that man we started with. Of course it’s not yet late for you and I to retrace priorities with the acknowledgement of these 7 habits of unsuccessful people:


It’s a super killer for prosperity since time immemorial. Failure in businesses is unavoidable. You and I experience fear but how do you react to it?

Let me explain better here. It’s fine to feel fear. You just shouldn’t allow it to cancel the risk you are passionate to embark on. The good news is that there are times when your guts hit an inspiration. But fear and doubts unfortunately would kill the step which made Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg who they are today.

Even, when these wealthy men refused to accept fear, they failed severally before they rose. Not to talk of who always doubts the reality of not failing. You will still fail if you want to migrate from your level. Prepare to fight with everything you have and be rich. It’s a matter of few time!

Now look at this angle, Rose, a salary earner may be foolish to acknowledge fear and cancel her proposed passionate project of a Poultry farm building. Because she pictures the eventual stress and how she might lose her hard earned salary(ies) in case table turns. As a result, she quit!

Unfortunately, poor Rose forgets that ‘what goes around comes around’. What if tomorrow, the last day of the month, boss refuses to pay? Oh maybe half salary pay! You tell me it isn’t possible? But she’s fearful to lose. And that which would be a step to higher heights she forfeits – through fear.

Tony Robbins analyzed that when you lose, you’re way far better than anyone who tries nothing. One thing I experience under failure is that it leaves a seed to acquire more orientation, than the level I would acquire, if I didn’t fail.

Not only that, check the lives of the unsuccessful people around you. Reach out to them, relate with’em, then investigate and confirm what I mean by fear in their habits. They will never enjoy wealth till they’ll die unless they to learn how to take risks.

Hard Work

Why is it that the most hardworking isn’t the richest? Will you admit with me, most of the poor men are hard workers?

Can I tell you something? If you focus on working hard, you won’t be successful, unless you apply smartness. Hello! I’m taking ’bout ‘smart work’ here.

I don’t believe in hard work. What’s the essence of hard work when what I work for will eventually discriminate me? See! Let me tell you. These unsuccessful people are hardworking but poor because they focus on themselves and family.

Besides, you would agree with me that most unsuccessful people never devote time thinking on how to solve pressing problems. Listen! You can never be successful in any business if you don’t reduce people’s problems or at least motivate them.

The habits of unsuccessful people you need to know mustn’t exempt this and you need to get your priorities right to avoid this.

Poor Planning

Another powerful secret of a successful man is adequate planning. An unsuccessful would almost dabble into any inspiration without drawing an outline on what to do, when to do it and how to carry out the next action.

You and I know well that you must be fast in decision making, but you will fail if you don’t draw a plan on what to carry on.

Besides, it’s the first vital step to carry out if you feel like starting a business without any money.

The unsuccessful people has that habit of inadequate planing.


Winners of today lost several times but wouldn’t quit. The mentality of the unsuccessful is that when a business fails, they give up. It’s a costly mistake.
You wouldn’t agree with me that before Thomas Edison could successfully invent that bulb, he failed 10,000 times.

Normally, if he should have the mentality, habit, character of the unsuccessful on ‘giving up”, I wouldn’t have known him.

Let me tell you. Whatever you want, you will get, if you can strongly desire for it. Are you passionate about anything?

Then let it take whatever it will since it will make you successful. If you have this success mentality, you’ll shake earth.

Let me tell you a short story. Picture a beautiful island with two boats on opposite sides. Two different armies clash there and start a war on who to posses the island. Normally the navy with a fewer number gets defeated. And flew to their boat to run away.

Suddenly, the captain stops everyone and makes an order that they alight from the boat. With immediate effect, he destroys the ship. Saying, “we all die in here or we finish those baboons called enemies, possess their boat and contrl the island”.

Guess what. They won!

Do not quit if you need success. Fall and rise.

It’s a habit for the unsuccessful to forget that there’s no success without failure. Why should ¬†you give up when you fail?

Little or No Regular Research

If you ask an unsuccessful man about when last he read a book on his area of specialization, he’ll divert the discussion. Scintists have seen it great to read every day. The successful men have libraries in their homes. If they don’t, they have public libraries they visit. It’s part of habits of the unsuccessful people not to research.

It’s the habit of the unsuccessful people not to update their knowledge. You will never make if you don’t find out the ‘how to’ regularly.

Not to talk of that, in entrepreneurship, no one knows it all. Now, this mandates you do a regular research on your niche. Expert in marketing can never tell what tomorrow’s market will be like.

You do know you won’t lead your company successfully if you don’t read.

The unsuccessful people underestimate the power of reading and if they don’t repent…

Useless Friendships

At times, the people around you will influence you to fail. Yes! See them here.

An unsuccessful person has that habit to ¬†maintain relationships with who won’t inspire business to grow to a higher level. They wouldn’t reach out to make experts as friends.

Let me tell you, your environment currently will influence your business and life. And this determines if you will at all be successful. In other words, if you don’t get used to an environment of experts in your business.

Friends are important. In fact they promote your business but you need to be careful of which one stays. This habit of unsuccessful people will still linger to impoverish many.


It’s a habit of unsuccessful people to make excuses on issues they can attend to. In fact, many easily interpret any slight downtime as threat to destroy them. They start complaining, lamenting and focusing on what is fruitless.

This habit affects a man/woman’s subconscious state of mind to be discouraged in pursuing goal.
Complaining or ranting on excuses to purge ahead means you are not the controller of your business but a force.

Since a man acts as he’s not the one responsible in his career, but rather a force why won’t he fail?

Summing up

Your road to success can be rough with these habits of unsuccessful people which you must always know and remember. If you desire wealth, consider going for it. Recover from wherever mistakes you are making. And don’t inculcate such habits.

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