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Guaranteed Solution! Pay all your debts now in a matter of days/weeks

To get out of debts easy

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Have you ever been embarrassed on owing some money before? After you read this, you’ll know how to help settle your debt faster!

Hope that day wasn’t too terrible

Have you even ever seen a woman shouting at a man in the neighbourhoods demanding for her balance before?

The good news is there’s now a formula which worked for me, and helped me settle thousands within a matter of just 8 weeks.

Yes! You will get over those debts. You have just arrived the solution to your challenge which lies ahead these black and white lines. Just pay attention.

Even if you haven’t been in that condition, do you know you might still find yourself in the place? I hope not!

This formula has helped many entrepreneurs settle various bills and credit card debts.

And the awesome truth about this formula is that you’ll forever benefit from whichever method you choose to apply them. To settle your debts easily with these, you must be sensitive and wise in dealing with your time calculations.

Now, the magic behind the breakthrough of the wealthy men lies behind this formula and why the rich will keep getting richer will always be a proof of this formula.

To begin with, know that you may not completely clear some few imminent debts. All consumer debts or the likes will surely be cleared. It just requires a matter of few weeks.

Just before I enter the full details on how to settle your debts faster, there are 3 broad guidelines you must see:

  • You need to face your debt by summing up the debt you are really in;
  • You must permanently change those behaviours that got you into debt; and
  • You must make enough money to repay the debt.

Don’t be too curious. I’ve got one bad news!
Getting another job to pay debt can seem overwhelming and those formula seem easy but are in the real sense complicated.

Let me explain why…
I’m sure you know that for the fact that you are prone to pizza, and other expensive food will make it impossible to start taking Garri or Pap and Stew. 😉

Sounds funny to you?

And here comes irony of it.
Changing those behaviours that led you to debt, for a new set of ones will not affect you negatively.

Would you want to end up looking rich but hungry inside? (sort of foolish right?)

Now the Good News! , I’ll carefully analyze how you’ll break these 3 theories with just seven 7 ways.


1. Sell Few of Your Properties Online and Offline and Settle Debts Faster

It’s not poverty because they are just wants. It’s a hidden truth most wealthy men today won’t tell you. Don’t fear! No one cares about your existence(though maybe few confidant do).

The secret is that you’ll get those wants back if necessary after paying your debt. For instance, you got a LG TV you don’t need. Olx.com, jiji.com or eBay.com are effective to sell off.

You know what? Luckily, after paying the debt, following these next following six section of formula, will get you twice the quality of your TV back (if you will need it).


2. Calculate your Debts and Strike a Focus

This is just planning and determination. To avoid distraction, you must settle every single disheartening bills.
Get a pen and a paper you can daily make reference to; estimate the total sum of your debts, and the hit the calendar of whatever believe you have for a day you’ll pay.

It maybe 6 days, 2 weeks or 7 months. Whichever faith your heart weighs, you are good to go. Just don’t deceive yourself.

I applied that rule and it worked for me and everyone that told me they did.

To make the magic work, regularly check your calculations and remember the very miracle day you created.


3. Just Change/Switch Behaviours Immediately!

Did I just sounded disappointing to you? I don’t hide the truth from those that deserve it. Like you! You are so special than just ravishing in the world of debt.
You must rearrange your attitude.

Last month, a woman advised me to spend as if tomorrow will be my last day on earth, and that ‘no one is sure to see the next noon’ . Imagine that😉!

That attitude towards money will always lead her to debt.

Factually, I decided to move closer to her husband and through the avenue of familiarity, I investigated and discovered she owes 8 friends over #850,000. See life!

You know that character, I don’t know.
Just check yourself now. Yes you! Do now!
Sort out where things must be wrong.
Focus on how to re-activate your mentality in a way that manages the few bucks remaining at least to pay this pending debt asap!


4. Shout Out for Help and Counsel from Who/Organization You Trust

This stage opens doors for breakthrough. Don’t you wish to get that cliff off your neck?
You have to speak out and get an advice. I can tell you that suicidal thoughts respect no one. Although, that is a serious level of debt.

Come on! Reach out to them, be sober and be honest with the purpose of seeking their help.

You must insist that you must settle the burden in a matter of days.

I bet it with you, in few days time, your will sort out your debt.

But again, don’t seek counsel from who you were not used to before.

Of course I also wouldn’t want for you a shitty reply that comforts  “dear everything will be alright, we are also struggling”. I can’t imagine that rubbish.
Hell yeah! That’s unfair!

That’s why you must know who is to trust! That which you need.

Know how to seek that confidant or trusted debt relief organization who will guide you on the next step you’ll take.

The miracle about this stage is that, these people may sponsor half of the debt balance, if not all.

Shoot your gun and hit the target now!

5. Work Smarter

I won’t tell you not to work harder and I won’t worry that you work harder. Because I believe in you. I know you are not “that lazy youth”. I know that you are trying your best to make ends meet later on. My brother hustle will soon pay! Keep calm and follow ideaflavour blog! (You may check the link to know about us) .


See also: Why you might need us and why we are for you).


Meanwhile, you don’t work smart if you depend on one source of income. What if the source runs down?


However, you don’t work smart if you stay in a job you don’t love or that pays you peanuts.

You don’t work smart if you are lazy at work.
You will be poor if you don’t work smart.

In the actual sense, the best way to work smarter is to get a nice side hustle you love to invest in now with your working hard and plan your time in the 24 hour.Remember, you have a debt to settle in few days/weeks running here. Put in the work in what you love to do and make more money and never to run in debts again.


It is just as good as getting promotion at work place.


6. Tell God

I’m not a religious guy. But I know you know there sits who created you. You must ask from him what you need then. Or he’ll keep watching you depending on your strengths. Like you made yourself?

He invented you plus he’s with a manual of every nuts that need screw in the finance engine of your existence.


Wrapping Up

Don’t borrow funds to settle funds. Naturally it often complicates issues. If you believe, you will be there.

Please! Kindly make sure you share this post on Facebook or Twitter to save souls.

What do you see?
What’s your conviction?
What would you disagree with?
Why would you disagree?

Comment below and let the world see you! On this issue in how to settle debts faster.


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