30 Keys That’ll Improve Your Writing Skills Now and Make Your Web Content the Best

30 Keys That'll Improve Your Writing Skills Now and Make Your Web Content the Best

I must confess!

Writing to engage and persuade is very difficult.

Because, to drive massive traffic to your website, you have to be creative. You and I won’t be creative if we don’t write well. And for you to have a perfect writing, these keys are essential.

Can I shock you?
You don’t need to be a professional at all. Most wealthy online entrepreneurs publishing website contents out there are as well too lazy. To the extent that you are more oriented than they are. The only difference between you both is – they experienced more.

If your website lacks a rich online content, you could be losing big time, money and energy. You and I stand a high chance to fail if we don’t add enough Maggi sauce to our content marketing.

In fact, to persuade your potential customers to buy your e-book, you must engage their psychology. I mean, to be successful online these days, you have to go deeper from mere accurate content to a persuasive web content.

Especially for bloggers, irrespective of the niche, this article will help you engage your traffic and even double. Because, after reading this, you won’t only be fired up to inject the humour into them, but you’ll also build their trust for you.

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8 Keys That’ll Make You Write Better 

1. Innovate One Identifiable Style or Voice and Frequently Write With That One Voice

Your website easily ranks on Google when you brand it with a particular voice. For instance, you’d get either direct traffic or organic. These people visit your articles.

As a result, just like how your thumb skin can never be the same as anyone’s, so will these readers experience that kind of new peculiar feeling with your writing.

If you passionately write to solve a problem, don’t force the words out of your brain. You’ll fall in love to write in a kind of way, either in a style that is rude, emphatic, humorous, authoritative or suggestive.

You’ll easily write better when you often maintain your pace with an identifiable writing voice. By that, you’ll build trust, and your SEO ranking would improve sporadically.

I’ve been online for a while now, and the each high authority that markets content write in a particular different voice/style. For instance, Neil Patel is extremely suggestive and emphatic. He shows examples a lot. Without checking the author, you can almost predict the owner of the content brand from Neil Patel.

2. Write as if you Won’t Have a Chance to Write Again

Remember the time you dreamt about storming the online platform.

Let me ask. Before you started blogging, didn’t you feel like selling your possessions when it seemed like blogging capital ain’t coming? You were damn passionate (though you’re still)

But let’s be honest you and I are sitting here now and it feels like we should sell off our website because writing appears to be stressful 😔.

But recently, I discovered that if we don’t write more, you and I won’t discover more about our literary beauties. And the more we’ll become more frustrated. See! I agree there’s no time! There ain’t no much time, especially for studentpreneurs.

Can I tell you a fact?
There’s no time anywhere – but the one you create. The problem is not creating the time to write everyday. But rather how you follow up the plan of the time you create.

I understand it could be a bit challenging looking at a blank screen. But once you start, trust me! You’ll begin to flow – if you don’t force the words out. You’ll write well if you dedicate yourself to writing regularly.

Have you also played Lawn Tennis before? Writing is fun. Just like how Lawn Tennis is very stressful and the same time interesting. But when you discover the fun and joy in writing, you’ll be engulfed in writing a particular web content well. You’ll swim in the bliss. Just as it feels while swimming in a pool.

Ramit Sethi, the CEO of asked Navid Moazeez, a successful online lifestyle entrepreneur “What is ONE piece of advice that you’d give to someone about to start publishing content?” he replied

Write 500-1,000 words every day, and make it a habit that sticks. The most successful people in the world produce something every  single day, often in the form of writing daily.

Everyone is different, but for me it works extremely well to get my writing done in the
morning after my workout. Block of some time and just get it done, that’s how you improve and get better.

Something very powerful I did in the very beginning to improve my writing and find my voice more, was to take a 30-day blog challenge. I went all in during this challenge, and wrote around  45,000 words… pretty crazy considering that I’m not even a native English speaker.

That’s how I became more comfortable in writing  long form epic content, and even though it takes me 20-30 hours to write an epic guide, it’s well worth it because it’s the best content out there on the topic.

3. Regularly Read as if You’ll Soon Go Blind

Long time ago, I argued with my English Grammar lecturer on an example of a topic he tought us. He insisted that the second clause in “To be a good writer is to be a good reader”  is the direct object, while I argued it to be a subject complement. Unfortunately for the purpose of my grade, I had to keep shut.

At first, when I saw that example, I remembered blogging. I began to question myself as I wasn’t that vast in reading then. Just by that, I began to browse more on my niche, read more, studied several styles of writing, increased my knowledge. And here I am today.

Can I tell you something ?

Blogging must be informal if you want to engage your audience better. I will not advise any content marketer to apply those formal rules of punctuation, inflection and the rest. Write as if you are talking. Reading more about your niche would make you testify and understand more about this.

Libby Kane said:
“If you write the way you want to read, other people  will want to read it, too.”

Read more and see the solution to how to write well

4. Drafting an Outline Before Writing Makes You Write Well

I used to feel sad about writing, because writing is damn frustrating.

But that was the time of ignorance.
That was before I discovered the magic behind drafting. The concept of “first drafts” helped me so much to write well, because it’s the perfect solution to writer’s block (if that even exists at all). Cursor blinking empty page is a bastard, and a way to overcome that intimidation is to write a first draft.

How to Draft an Outline Before you Write

  • Acknowledge a truth about the topic with your first sentence, let other sentences attract every single attention that sees it.
  • think of some stories, metaphors or gone captivating tragedies that is relevant to solving your topic’s  problem.
  • List out how many paragraphs you want for your introduction. But this introduction must be brisk so that it quickly links to the body.

  • list your points with captivating bullets
  • research on statistics or examples on each points to back up.
  • arrange these points in right order, so that the first point doesn’t come last.

  • shock the reader with a reason to agree to your philosophy
  • attach a call-to-action by asking a question that keeps any reader thinking and lit

P.S: This is my best method I’ve just given you freely. There’s no how you apply this outline and your web content won’t be a top-notch.

5. Join Web Content Like-minded Groups Online

In a situation whereby you surround yourself with people of your type, you’d be encouraged. There was a time a guy in one of my Content Marketing WhatsApp groups got a Multi-million naira worth of an asset. Mere staying with like-minded and not even contributing anything will get you fired up when others progress and you are on a point in Content Marketing.

6. Imbibe the Skills of the Writers You Admire

To be factual, I’ve discovered myself as a result of the help from Henneke Duistermaat, Neil Patel and other established online entrepreneurs.
Try to imitate these people so that you can see a reaction from your fingers.

Do you know a funny truth?
There’s no how you imitate their style that you’ll be like them. It’s just like how you can’t imitate accurately how a musician sings.

If you make a cover of Beyonce’s “Hello” for instance, you’d follow her style. But there’s this difference. That difference is what you must start with and nurture to bring out your own singing voice also in a grand style.

If you want an amazing web content, you’ll need to write well. If you want to write well, imitate your role models.

Well, you can’t escape imitating your role models. I have my reason for that: you look up to certain blogs for brooding your skills right? During the course, you’d subconsciously do as they do. Just as a baby imitates his mum.

To write well, you don’t have to cringe and be totally original.

Can I shock you again?

It’s during the course of imitating them you’ll easily discover where you are original. That would be a point which you’d as well start to nurture, till you completely detach yourself from their style.

7. Once You Finish Your Writing, Know That it’s Crap. Agree That The Finishing Point is Just the Start of the Writing

I first learnt this from Jon Morrow many years ago. Most times the “Publish” button is just the start of the writing. To avoid that, you’d need to check and review.

Have you ever wondered why publishing a book had to go through several stages of proofreading? See. Few errors deplete your Customer Trust.

Let me tell you. Your audience is looking up to any of your fault. Because they’ve not met you in person. Few grammatical errors can go a long way.

As I always said, use of big grammar while writing is the biggest error amidst errors in content marketing. You’d think you entice your audience. But you only increase their chance of them clicking on the back button.

Delete spelling errors, mechanical inaccuracies. For instance, you have to include exclamation mark and comma where you ought to….

Replace complex phrases and clauses with persuasive expressions. For instance,

“the method of conversational prowess was utmostly the most ridiculous mannerism”

The above expression is too complex  Rather replace with:
“speaking strategy was bad”


To write well, you need to re-read over and over again.

8. Converse With Your Readers

Whenever you’re set to write, picture your writing as if your reader is siting right there before you. Look at the expression on her face. Notice those wrinkles, smiles chuckles, laughter, dullness, yawning.

By that, you’ll find it easy to imagine the questions running through her mind. So that you can demand for conversation. You cannot engage your audience without being conversational.

Your purpose and goal behind writing a web content well is to engage, captivate and persuade. And it’s easy to do when you converse with your readers.

Besides, there’s no doubt behind the accuracy of that imagination. Because you are already putting yourself in her shoes. So, you accurately solve the problem interestingly, you become more peculiar, you speak with your voice writing, and you professionally build an important priority called ‘trust’.

Eight Keys for a Perfect Writing

30 Keys That'll Improve Your Writing Skills Now and Make Your Web Content the Best

9. Use Transitions to Everlastingly Trap the Eyes of Your Audience

As irrelevant as this transition might sound, you can’t do well in writing a web content if you don’t transit.

It’s like a dog fang. Even if your previous paragraph is boring, transitional words like “unfortunately”, “let alone”, “besides”, “apart from that”, “in fact” and so on captivate the lazy focus of your readers.

10. Edit Your Web Contents over and over again for an unremarkable piece.

11. Sink Your Content into Your Audience’s Memory by not Showing them What to Alone, but Also How to.

There’s the difference between showing them something and explaining to them the processes of how that thing can be helpful to them.

Your web content must contain the rich details of what you mean.

12. At worst, publish one content every week.

13. Include facts, figures, expert’s quotations and diagrams/stats(if available).

Have you ever wondered why the Yoast SEO plugin, suggests you insert at least an external link? It’ll increase your domain authority. Google counts that as a ranking factor.

Let alone of that, your audience are human beings like you and me. They know you cannot know it all. They’ll see you as an empty drum making a loudest noise if you don’t refer out with other authority’s facts, figures and quotes.

14. Be empathetic with your voice or style of writing.

Do you know how to? You’ll always become emphatic if you totally feel pity for the problem your audience face.

You’ll put yourself in their shoe and try all possible means to make them smile and be called to action. You don’t only write by that but you also build your brand’s trust.

15. Write to Only One Person

You can’t do well by writing to a lot of people. The only incidence which favour reaching out to a lot of people is a conference or seminar – where a lot of people gather for you, and they have a sense of assembly.

But your audience could be thousands using their phones. They are single in their rooms. There’s this selfish mentality each of them has. If you don’t refer to one person, each of them won’t reply your conversation.

Speaking to one person would make her feel special. She’d feel a sense of belonging, compared to if she is conscious that she’s not the only one reading.

16. Write it. Don’t Fight it (don’t delay)

See! The more you look at the blood blinking cursor, the more you become frustrated.

Start writing the “Rubbish” you call it.
We know you’d still go back and review over and over again. Once you’ve hit the topic, researched on it, then you shouldn’t be troubled. There’s nothing like writer’s block.

You increase your chance of writing well in this context by drafting an outline first.

Fourteen Keys That’ll Make You Write Well

17. Add Flavour to your Web Content With Metaphors
I’ve used a lot of metaphors in this piece. You cook up a metaphor by directly comparing an idea with an attractive event.

For instance, you might want might be teaching your audience on how to fry a plantain. An instance of a metaphor is when you compare peeling the plantain as peeling a yam.

You might even cook up a fiction that captivates your audience attention – which directly compares with your former idea.

18. Tell stories.

19. Use Power Words

Power words are enticing. They are irresistible and frightening. They provoke anger, happiness, curiosity and regret if you include them in sensitive locations of your web content. Especially in the introduction and conclusion. Words like “secret”, “you”, “now”, “breaking”, “just in” etc.

Jon Morrow once said
“For beginning writers, power words are one of the easiest tools to master. Unlike many storytelling strategies which can take years of practice to master, you can start sprinkling power words into your writing, and you’ll notice an immediate lift in the quality of your prose”.

20. Set a Timer For Yourself Before Writing

You’ll improve your writing skills when you increase your speed and accuracy. Your brain would improve its thinking ability skills and you’d be more active in other areas of life, especially in writing is skill.

21. Write tens of headlines till you arrive the one that makes you smile.

22. Position yourself as if you are the reader.

23. Delete Weak Adjectives

For instance: when you write “Guitars that are beautiful don’t resonate very well”, it sounds boring. Rather shrink it for a better captivation to “attractive guitars don’t sound well”.

24. Avoid long paragraphs. Let your web content paragraphs be nothing more than six lines each. 

25. Avoid long sentences. Elongate your sentences at a max of 20 words.

26. Do as much as possible to avoid passive voice while you write. Active voice expression engages better.

27. Include your personal stories and mistakes.

When your experiences becomes relevant to your web content, you’ll flow better, write better and perfect your writing Bbecause you’ll be enchanted writing it.

28. Write From Your Head and heart.

I don’t struggle with writing. The secret I use is that I write without thinking of what to write.
You’d understand what I mean. Picture the situation when your fiancee falls from the stairs. You’d rush to meet her, and speak consoling words.

Let’s be honest. Most of the words we speak ain’t thought of before speaking. Like, we speak as they come. If you do such in writing, you’d flow and entice your audience. You’d automatically enjoy the joy found in writing – writing from your heart, easily and without stress.

29. Break The Rule behind Using “Comma” and “Full Stop”.

See! Most times, your sentence might seem a bit long. It will confuse lazy readers and that increase the chances of closing your tab from their browser. An instance is this:

“I found the joy behind writing for the brand called IdeaFlavour because they seem to give the best web content marketing idea that seem to win the nooks and crannies of the online search queries, forums, webinars and the whole lot of rest.”

Unfortunately, the mind-linker responsible to link the course of the on-going might break up. Normally, it can be grammatically correct, but entrepreneurially incorrect. Because your audience ain’t in your blog for grammar, but rather to solve their own problems. And as a result, you must simplify reading to the core.

 From the example above, the total words contain over 40 in number. For the sake of ease, you can split the sentences to

“I found the joy behind writing for the brand called IdeaFlavour. Because they seem to give the best web content marketing idea. These ideas seem to win the nooks and crannies of the online search queries, forums, webinars and the whole rest.”

In fact, a dependent clause can’t stand as a sentence, but for the sake of marketing, these people/audience would praise you for being loyal if your content solves their enquiries.

30. Write to solve a particular form problem.

In conclusion,

You’d notice a specific change in your web content writing skills if you incorporate these strategies.

Your audience would increase in number, you’d perfect your writing, then your brand trust would skyrocket. What are you still doubting? What are you still waiting for?

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