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Ultimate Guide= How to Start a Successful Cake Making Business or Store in Nigeria


Make Money Selling Cakes in Nigeria

Are you passionate about cakes? Let me tell you, a cake could be worth more than a million naira. Once you are popular, you have excelled. Everyday is a birthday party. And every weekend is a Wedding Ceremony.

Wait! Have I told you that cake is the most demanded snack in the world? It’s obvious now, and that alone strongly proves that Cake Making in Nigeria is an extremely lucrative business in this life – not Nigeria alone. You know, cake has this peculiarity among others, that’ll make everyone ask for more.

In every elaborate and special event, Miss. Cake is never left out for a menu honour. Is it Wedding, House Launching… Over here, in my contact lists, I receive entries of birthdays every single day. Maybe because we’re much… And I believe that majority of us would celebrate it and here, Cake first comes to mind.

Henceforth, you can start being a supplier of that cake. And if you can use this lucrative privilege of cake’s popularity to win, you are excellent. Now, I’ll take you through a step by step process of starting your own Cake Making Business in Nigeria.

How to Start a Cake Making Business in Nigeria

Get Trained

This is essential. Even though you might be passionate about cake business. But if you do not learn the current tactics of how Cake Making works these days, you might be left behind.

You can enroll under a guru who is vast in the business, or probably enroll for an online course. It’s highly essential and recommended because passion does not create wealth. It’s popularity that creates.

For instance, there are lots of technicalities in creaming and designing a cake. You may not be up to task if you don’t undergo a tutelage.

Focus on One Event Type Cake Contract

For you to quickly get popular in this business, you need to choose a niche. For example, it’s not advisable for you to accept a contract for a birthday party today, and by the coming weekend you do the same. My dear, I don’t say you can’t do it. But for the purpose of popularity, people won’t take you as serious as when you crazily insist that you prioritize only birthdays.

It helps your brand boom as quick as possible if you settle down on a niche.

The reason why I say this is because I’ve experienced several techniques of how business works. And the one which has helped me beat the crowd was settling on one focus of service render.

For our info, thousands are into this Cake Making Business in Nigeria already. Among these thousands are most professionals who have been in the business for the past 20 years. You see, people will refer to you as a birthday baker. If you choose to be a multipurpose baker, the competition will be more tense for you.

It will be amazing for the results you’ll see if you settle on one event niche. It will be an identity peculiarity for your brand.

How Much do You Need to Start Cake Making Business in Nigeria?

This depends on which scale you want to go far with. Once you are through with your training, you can start with as low as #80,000, getting every important facilities in place. You’d need to rent or construct a workshop to carry out your labour. And as well the store where baking and packaging will take place.

Getting the money you need to start a cake business is easy (if you believe it). You can source out funds. Kindly follow through the link in the previous sentence.

Supply Yourself With the Tools and Ingredients Needed

First, what comes to mind is an oven either the local one or standard. It’s very simple to gather those implements you need. And even, you need logo and slogan as they are the most essential for building out your brand.

But an ingredient is missing, which is your peculiar process that is unique. When you start, you need a unique selling ingredient.

How to re-invent those ingredients and make your work peculiarly identifiable is still the greatest tool you can have for Cake business in Nigeria. For instance, Coca-Cola is revered specially amidst all beverage companies due to something which is their unique selling point – their taste.

Register Your Cake Business

The Corporate Affairs Commission is saddled with the responsibility of registering and approving businesses. An entrepreneur gets more reliability and validation when she is approved by the CAC.

The major growth of a business starts when he gets the CAC approval and customers see a more trustworthy source to rely on the entrepreneur’s service.

Cake Making entrepreneur shouldn’t be left out.

How to Promote Your Cake Making Business in Nigeria

Promote Your Cake Business Online

This is divided into two sections. First, I’ll implore you to open a website for your cake business. That will be an online portfolio that even enhances the seriousness of your brand. You can hire a web designer for that. It shouldn’t cost you much. It’s advisable to get a website because you can always refer anyone to check about everything they need on your business.

You can run a Google advertisement that exposes your business to patronizers. You’ll specify that you can travel down and deliver their products with their dues attached. Without a landing page(your website) from the advert banner Google will place on blogs, they wouldn’t be able to reach you – can you discover the essence of a website?

Second, you can promote your cake business with the social media… You’ll target a particular geographic area where you are sure customers will be. Facebook for instance will allow you to choose the best location, age, gender etc…

Nairaland is the biggest social media forum for your cake business in Nigeria. You can advertise through paying for banner ad placements which is billed weekly or monthly.

Run a TV or Radio Advert for Your Cake Making Business

You can make this weekly. Let those audiences be familiar with your brand name..I’m sure you are currently thinking on sourcing for capital to get all these done. Don’t worry you’ll get your money back. Getting customers for Cake Business is not something you’d sweat for if you will spend a bit .

Words of Mouth

If all hopes for marketing capital seem unachievable, you can do the talking and sensitization. This technique works well for extroverts and it now depends on how lucrative is the audience type you as an entrepreneur markets to.

Business Cards, Hand-Banners, and Posters

Do you know that this can help your business go so far and wide more than what you can ever imagine?

Apart from the fact that your cards, banners and posters will be accessible in your absence, people will continue to talk about you and market you.


Cake Making business is very lucrative and enchanting for any passionate person who sees art as what can add taste to the world of refreshment. Kindly share!

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