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The 3 Biggest Secrets About Money

The 3 Biggest Secrets About Money
Imagine counting millions before this year runs out, or probably few years time.

This can be possible but the way you handle your personal finance will decide if that will ever happen.

Top entrepreneurial billionaires  depend on these 3 biggest personal finance secrets. Likes of Grant Cardone, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos.

If you haven’t started any business yet, you can key into these 3 secrets, then change your mindset. You may never be wealthy without getting used to these things.

Remember you have to control your personal finance if at all you’ll be successful (or be more) in your current investment or even if you’re planning to start.

And with these 3 biggest secrets which I also use, and has been accruing me more than I can imagine, you easily take a full charge of the way you handle money.

Now, wealth is easy to acquire if you train your mentality on these 3 biggest facts of that money you want to make. You really want to be successful? Be ever conscious of these 3 facts, then familiarize your mentality with them:

Having Money is Useless 

91% of us reading this don’t work with this notion. What if I tell you the money inside your wallet as you read this now is only a coloured paper?

You can have millions in your bank, but how you spend them determines whether you are a millionaire. You may have millions today and finish everything tomorrow buying a Sienna Car. You ain’t no millionaire.
Whereas, you may have nothing in bank. But the worth of your investments testify if you’re a true millionaire.

Have you ever wondered why the net worth of an entrepreneur is based on his net? Why not the amount he has in bank?

Look at that amount in your wallet. It’s as bad and useless as the money you save in bank. I refer to this kind of savings you only keep and not use. You use money by investing the more with the ones you keep.

That’s what I learnt in the Monopoly board game – to create multiple cash-flow. Use the money you keep or save to increase your revenue in different sources.

Savings is not recommended but advisable. But the advise can only be worth it when you use the money you save to build multiple flows of income.

Hence, let you and me know that money is useless. Now, it’s left for you to create values and assets with the money you keep.

You Don’t Own The Money you Have

Sounds familiar?

Recall we collect the money other people want to give out to give away to another person who will also do the same. This is called “the flow”.

It’s familiar. And that’s why you need to find means to strengthen the flow.

It renders you poor when you don’t strengthen and encourage that flow. Its also another thing you correctly strengthen the flow. That’s why you have to familiarize yourself with platforms that inspire you about money, so that you can be informed on what’s going on.

Normally, you and I may say “I own money”. But the truth is you only own the value you create with the previous money. To build wealth, you have to be conscious that you don’t own your money. That will help you give out your money for creating assets that will create value.

Well, if you and me are wise enough, it’s better we give out that money we’ve known don’t own for creating assets that naturally automatically makes more.

Money Must be Invested in Assets if you Desire Wealth 

Apart from your normal meals, clothing, and affordable housing, invest in real assets. Examples of real assets are multiples of cash flow you create apart from your current business.

If you haven’t started any business yet, you can key into this secret, then change your mindset of investing in something you’re passionate for. It might be your talent, skills or a business idea.

The more money you get should be used to develop these ideas or talents. This is what is called “expanding your means” to save money (not living below your means). 



Making money should be fun even when it’s tough.

Let’s convert it to the midnight pool table game which is hectic a bit to score! It’s a novice approach to wealth when you live below your means.

Rather expand your means by investing.

Familiarizing your consciousness with these 3 keys wont only maintain our personal finances rightly but also command your acts on the appropriate manner of spending.

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