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Why Wealth is not Guaranteed


Steps to wealth

Don’t knock me yet! See!

Do you know that almost all who are most fervent in spirituality and religion seem to be very poor? The funny thing is that there are proofs that God speaks to them. Yes! God speaks to them and I used to wonder why they are still very poor. Whereas, those that ain’t really righteous are very wealthy!

I’m sure the former asked God to make them wealthy, but to us, God seems to be wicked! Oh yes! He didn’t shower that demanded wealth blessings. “Is he not God?” “Is there even a God?” If there is, why can’t he pamper these people who serve him with riches and wealth?

You will never be wealthy if you expect God to answer your prayers of “God bless me with wealth”. I’ve so far learnt that God works with one kind of constitution (principles). Success will never happen to you based on prayer, but rather if you help yourself!

Wealth success (and other kinds of success) only locates you because of two things:

  • Wealth Success locates you – because of the kind of person you are

This is about your character. You need to be someone who is ready and be sure that wealth would soon arrive – even if it takes 5 years. You yourself would have that feeling that success is on the way. Your consciousness must have that faith. You must acknowledge louder and not deceive yourself that even if you manage two clothes, you will be successful.

You wouldn’t be like someone who walks but never can determine his destination. You wouldn’t have elements of doubts in you. You would have discovered yourself and the real person of who you are.

Mind you! It’s the simplest thing on earth to discover who you are. Do you know that most times, you’ve discovered who you are already but you are just lazy to act upon yourself?

You wouldn’t be a kind of person that looks for much fun, party, at the early stage of life, but rather be much effective in learning and crafting a foundation where success would be safe and not easily crash, when it comes!

You wouldn’t lavish your early funds on liabilities that never gets you money back,

You would be careful of the way you handle sex, addictions…

You wouldn’t look for shortcuts to success.

You would move with friends of great intellectuals who are very promising, and not the ones who live to show

You wouldn’t be a fraudster!

Finally, your mentality and mindset would never expect poverty or averageness but rather to dominate the world in that area where you have discovered yourself!

That measures the kind of person that you are, if you need success at all.

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  • Wealth Success Locates You Because of the Actions you Take

Your self-identity listed above is useless, if you don’t invest in yourself now. Just as the eagle returns hungry if he refuses to pick the chick after the character show of soaring through the wind.

You gotta start something. You gotta devote yourself to learn development with your time. Wealth will never show up if you and I don’t do something that helps. Either investing in business, or talent development or politics activism. God won’t rain you money or achievement.

It’s not really worth it ending up working for money. You and I can be wealthy but success comes because of the actions we start to take now. Dependence on academics isn’t enough. Self education brings from your within that honey for the world to lick from. Then, you and I can expect the success.

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Motivation doesn’t really have effect if you and I just feel lit from the vibration. If you and I don’t draw a plan to effect upon, success might seem difficult to attain.

If you can set higher goals, it’s an enchanting model of making it to success. Money shouldn’t be hard to make. Money should be made with the joy you have in what you do or will do now.

The amount of time you and I spend on WhatsApp Statuses and Facebook can be transmuted to another fun. I call this fun an educational fun where you’ll enjoy the self-training of what you fall in love with.

Wrapping up, entrepreneurs who care about personal finance and investment guide, Ideaflavour is here. With no much ado, strike your rod, then blow the “GO” whistle on your track to wealth now!

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