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Avoid these 6 Useless Friends if Money, Success and Wealth is Your Top Priority

Useless Friends To Avoid Make More Money

Ahh! Some useless elements can still add to problems.

While you and l look for ways to solve problems, some peeps still add more – and you and I don’t know!

Remember you cannot make it in business without friends. See! You mustn’t allow these top 6 useless friends that will destroy your plans if you are serious to make more money. Or what inspires you?

Not that alone, you’ll begin to realize those ‘things’ called humans who are just there to waste your time and efforts.

They seem blind to you and me. And if I’m dense, these unscrupulous matchsticks will burn the hell out of my life financially, and affect my great plans.

Imagine a friend recently called me to gist about how Linda Ikeji bought a multi-million naira car for her new baby! What’s my damn business with that. Oh! Should I go, kill myself, battering on what won’t inspire me to cater for my customer?

Hey! This is a serious issue. I don’t tell you fun isn’t essential. But I can go to the movies and have fun. I can go to the gym. I can hangout. And have real fun. Not such a fake fun that may harm my business mentality from overthinking “when will baba God answer my pick my call”.

Don’t make jest yet! 😉 You are equally not left out. Hell yeah! You and I will be loosed from those peeps’ bondage today. 😁 Chill small!

Hey! Before I enter the list room, remember again you and I can’t do without friends. Yes! So, you might be careful on which or how to classify.

Your friends around you are your first customers. But some zombies who are vampires like such in that movie would still mix with your sheep clothing.

So, I strongly recommend that you carefully tour the room we are about to enter and enjoy these top 6 cakes therein.

1. Time Wasters (gossips affect you to make more money)

Do not roll with folk who doesn’t add specific value to you and your business. That choice of ‘few or single friend’ still bests. I’m sure you may have allowed just to feel lit.

You understand better. Yes! Those moments you’ll laugh and chatter for hours. Haa!

Have you ever heard the quote “time is money before?”


Now, did you ever sit down with anyone who started a ‘gist’ with you and you discussed issues with that never brings solution to problems? But rather about the ills of others?

If yes, you just got sucked. Although you can still amend that great error. In fact, this is a part of why I start this blog. You and I need to get important financial success secrets right. Avoid such ‘frienemy’ of progress. You need to make all time count and so valuable if you desire more money.

You can’t make a mind-blowing gain from any business if you surround yourself with a time waster like that.

No wonder why millions end up average and poor. Thanks to info. My guy! I love this point we’re on the most. You will not achieve your financial aims if you don’t plan your 24 hours.

Let me tell you, that useless gist partner can always inspire you to be far away from your potential customers. You’ll either have a bad picture of people or join your friend in painting him bad. Avoid that useless brat and cut in whenever his/her type starts such gossips with positive or neutral remarks.

Lady! You might even shut your friend’s mouth up. The best ammendment is to be far from such a wealth destroyer. They only add to your problems rather than solve.

2. Money Grabber

Yea! You know them! You’d better cancel your friend stuffs.

She’ll ask and ask! He might even be smart to play on your intelligence. You might unfortunately play along. If you ain’t careful, they’ll both suck you dry. Then, you spend up all funds to improve your business.

However, the best way to discover such friend is to notice who requires money to buy what they don’t need – but rather what they ‘just want’. Such friend will push you to a risky task if at all she/he will advice you. Because such friend won’t focus on serving customer but ‘focusing on making money at all cost” – which is poisonous to financial security.

The best health for you to make more money is to distant yourself from such dude because you can change no one.

3. Excuse Makers (Whoever Always Complains)

I met a girl in a restaurant two months ago sitting. As you may know, I’m the talky type, so I invaded her solitude 😁😉. As always!

But I suddenly realized that she murmured in almost all our chats. So, I began to feel guilty to ever approach her. I said to myself, if such a girl was a friend, my business O. T. would be drained. Because she would always find incorrectable errors in ideas. Her flavour to your ideas would be poisons and such poison would hamper your entrepreneural thinking.

As we’re saying, if you don’t distant yourself from ‘constant complainers’, your investment will not move forward. Such friend is as bad as useless. Oh! They may be useful but for a lesson and not blessing to you!

4. Haters (Envy Jealousy Type)

Such dude can even kill you if he sees you soar. Hey! You can discover such friend by constant check. Can you trace when she/he envies anyone? Is it a bit constant? Grab your heart and run. Because you are a potential victim.

What assurance do you have that you won’t be a victim? Answer me below in that comment box. If you have a jealous friend, he/she will stab you at the back. Or even advise you on destructive means to wealth when you start soaring.


5. Educated Illiterate (Miseducated Peep)

Back then, I called a stubborn friend  “Strong Head”. He sponsored himself in high school. We were in the same Art department back then in high school and he topped the class.

He claimed to read at least 2 books in a week but he’s never healthy.

You know why?
He saved money in way that won’t cater for his health. He ate once in a day – on the name of savings.

God saved me I haven’t yet started business when I ran away from him. Nothing would have ben Ideaflavour today.

They’ll turn your brain upside down and you’ll become like the good nice guy who wanted to be like Jesus who died on the cross. 😁 In the name of saving your family.

Run! Flee from such!

Oversensitive Pal

When your friend is oversensitive and corrects mistakes all the time, he trims your risk. I understand that this friend will add positively to your business in some ways. But will greatly cause your downfall.

If you trim risk, you only tune its button high. Let life go as smooth as possible and don’t allow anyone to interrupt your free flow of planning risks.

Such friends will point out where your busness will boom and bury it under the grave.

Wrapping Up

To get frequent financial inspirations, roll with confirmed folks. You have to surround yourself with matured and business-oriented professionals who are experts or close to be a guru.

Share this flavour on ideas to Facebook or Twitter. Don’t worry it’s completely free to share.😉😁

So, I want you comment on this relevant idea to avoid useless friends who won’t make more money.

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