Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily and Weekly in 2019 1

Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily and Weekly in 2019

Would it be bad,

that you also lick your own honey, from the highest paying affiliate programs?

But, should I be honest with you?! 

You can accrue thousands of dollars with these affiliate marketing programs right away.

In fact, as I type this, Affiliate Marketing is taking one of the best money-making ideas online. I’ll show to you three affiliate programs that pay daily. I’ll again reveal four free affiliate programs that pay weekly. We in fact cover more secrets behind Affiliate Marketing on a special WhatsApp group.

You know the problem? Most affiliate programs out there are scams. I took my time to test out the best affiliate programs that’ll settle you as that soon.

You only need a significant amount of niche audience traffic. Besides, when you invest time and energy understanding Search Engine Optimization properly(which is also free), the revenue is everlasting. Hoola! 

In just less than 30 minutes, you can open a secure and standard WordPress blog. Check the below link for Bluehost. Bluehost is known for the best WordPress hosting provider. 

Free Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily and Weekly in 2019 2

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Apart from me, most of my role models online make money with affiliate marketing.

In fact, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income bags over a Hundred Thousand of Dollars monthly, as he revealed his monthly income report recently.

With no much ado, let’s cut into the cake right now!

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily 


Affiliate Program That Pays Daily - Clickmagick Affiliate Review

ClickMagick affiliate program effectively tracks the rate at which clicks are made on online marketers’ websites. Customers who want ad conversion rates and even keyword performance testify for this tool. I later discovered they allow Affiliates.

This product is highly impressive, dazzling and enchanting. Google, and Bing search engines became their customers.

Look at the above image very well, you’ll discover how customers who patronize ClickMagick never relent. And as a result, you can take up this advantage since this signals how lucrative this referral program will be.

Let alone, you’ll enjoy massive commission rates immediately your audience buys from them. You’ll earn up to 35% recurring commissions.

Asides that, ClickMagick serves marketers an ultimate friendly interface. According to the testimonials I saw, almost all customers are happy to have them. You’ll earn a lot from this

Meanwhile, as aligned by terms, ClickMagick affiliate program pays daily via PayPal MassPay. It’s as beautiful as not bothering about transactional charges.

Here’s a link to Click Magick.



Affiliate program that pays daily - Mobidea Affiliate Review

Mobidea Affiliate program is another enchanting avenue to make money referring. They’re uniquely known for their superior tracker abilities. As a result, they’re suitable to try.

For now, depending on which mobile source of traffic you’re leveraging, MobIdea is still one of the best to consider. Specifically, for mobile phone users, Mobidea highly gives converting CPA ads, which as a result will increase your web traffic. In fact, Neil Patel testified this affiliate marketing program that pays daily.

This impressive online marketing tool will pay you at least $30 commission rate. Luckily, your payment rate is bound to be higher than that, depending.

Fortunately, MobIdea’s Support is available 24/7 to attend to you. According to them, you’ll be responded to in less than a minute.

This is a link to MobIdea


CPA Leads

Affiliate programs that pay daily - CPA Leads Review

CPA Leads isn’t popular for its size. It’s about the speed of operations. With no special rules, you’d get things done easily. It’s a beginner friendly and it’s easy to use the platform.

CPA Lead’s team provides early payment i.e. daily remuneration.

The official pay periods are weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. They offer banners, pop-under ads, interstitials, self-serve PPCs and more.

Take this link to the website. 


Affiliate Programs that Pay Weekly


Affiliate programs that pay weekly - EnticeCash Review

Honestly, the first time I saw this EnticeCash, I assumed it’s a scam. One day, I decided to research on how possible partnering with them could be. From my research, I realized their payday is weekly.

Entice cash will pay you in the adult industry every Monday, depending on how you can refer customers to their top-partner.

Entice Review - Affiliate program that pays daily

Being an affiliate marketer, you can promote their products(Webcam) around America, Britain, Canada, and Australia. Affiliate marketers who leverage the social media would have an upper hand enjoying this privilege.

You can place your referral ad codes, get more social media followers who use PC accessories. Consequently, you’ll get them many new paying guests.

Apparently, there’s a $10 bonus for new users. I mean you’ll get a whooping $10 for opening an affiliate account with EnticeCash.

Fortunately, any of your referrals who buy will generate you about 15% commission.

Make money with EnticeCash through THIS LINK



Maxbounty Review - Affiliate program that pays weekly

MaxBounty as its name implies bags you high commissions, weekly! Immediately after registering, you can verify your account by an interview over the phone.

MaxBounty opens the door for plentious offers you can choose from. There’s that impressive offers for several niches.

Apart from the lucrative affiliate rewards they give, you can also refer an affiliate. Search for top campaigns according to your preferences and bookmark them. One affiliate manager is assigned for everyone.

Maxbounty provides you an easy-to-use friendly and rich dashboard such that they can update you on the freshest and popular campaigns released. The advanced reports helps you track your earnings well.

Fortunately, you’ll receive a weekly payment and by that, you make money faster. Maxbounty is known for reliable and successful remuneration.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned, you’d need to meet with an Affiliate Manager who would be specifically assigned to you. “AM” is the code in Maxbounty affiliate program. He serves as your personal consultant, a person can approach for assistance in selecting advertising campaigns. He’d also help you develop promotional strategies.

Moreover, if you’re serious with them you’d be tagged as “exceptional”. For instance, when you get them several sales, you’d be recognized for greater affiliates commissions.

Maxbounty affiliate program is however not restricted to a sole country. According to their claim, they work with advertisers universally.

Sign up for Maxbounty affiliate program here



PeerFly Review - Affiliate Program That Pays Weekly

PeerFly has impressive compilations of payment rules. I’m sure this is a good reason it’s system is flexible. For instance, you can choose whether you want a bimonthly, monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or a daily payment process. To sauce the stew, there are over 2000 offers available which you can advertise.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry on which kind of niche you’re in. PeerFly provides for almost all niches.

As a matter of fact, her in-house proprietary tracking performs seamlessly. Their customer care is so much amazing, such that you can easily reach out for complaints when you need to.

Meanwhile, PeerFly gives you the chance to choose from variants of available commissions. They’re CPA, CLS, and CPL.

Have you ever used WordPress? You’d love PeerFly’s dashboard. As it’s never different from WordPress’. Bloggers who use WordPress will relate.

Apparently, PeerFly’s affiliate program provides free training tools for new members.

Concerning payment, you’d have to ask for a pay through Bitcoin or Amazon gifts card. I’ll personally prefer Bitcoin because you can easily open a bitcoin account in less than 10 minutes, and then trade online.

What actually appalled me about Peerfly is her independent website hostage. From my research, I discovered how they got their custom system with no fears about unreliability of any hosting companies.

Importantly, PeerFly’s affiliate program is not national with publishers. But rather cuts across the universe. According to them, if you are motivated to learn how to make money online, they claim to be ready with you.

Immediately you apply, normally, affiliate publisher applications are typically reviewed within 3 days. Once you’re successfully approved, you custom tracking starts.

Moreso, with PeerFly’s program, there are rewards for exceptional advertisers, special programs and then contests. You’d be notified when the time comes through your email.

PeerFly publishers have earned millions of dollars online. Who knows if now is your turn. You may join their unique affiliate network and start earning right away – from the 2,000+ offers on ground. Much importantly now that they’ve got you tools and resources that’ll to maximize your revenue.

Click Here to Join PeerFly which pays affiliate marketers weekly.


Adwork Media

Adwork Media Review

Adwork Media pays weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pay periods. This amazing program gives you the room for Mobile Affiliate Network. There’s this Mobile Monetization plan to Monetize your apps as well if you have a website or even apps. Depending on your traffic, you can reach several mobile-friendly affiliate campaigns.

Luckily, due to Adwork Media’s reliable Support Team, your content & traffic can be reviewed. They’d help you find the most converting monetization solution that’ll maximize your revenue.

Moreso, AdWork Media’s Mobile Affiliate Network claims to give you the best platform for your traffic with high converting commission, targeted to any country then based on your audience’s device.

Also, you’re able to directly link to our inventory of mobile-friendly campaigns, import mobile campaigns from their real-time API feeds. Or, you can use an automated mobile monetization tools such as “Offer Wall”, “Content Locker”, and other monetization tools that fully support desktop and mobile traffic.

Adwork affiliate marketing programs offer the most competitive payouts weekly. AdWork Media also works directly with hundreds of advertisers in over 200 nations worldwide.

Fortunately, you’ll directly link to AdWork’s mobile campaigns or use their highly customizable mobile monetization tools such as “Offer Wall”, “Content Locker”, and “Product Locker”. These tools automatically target Adwork’s best offers to your traffic based on their device and countries.

Moreover, the S2S Postback & API Tracking will help you get real-time conversion notifications, should any lead occur. It’ll send the information to your website or application such as the commission you earn, IP address, country, tracking IDs, and other important credentials for every successful clicks your audience make.

Well, AdWorks affiliate program supports traffic from any mobile phone or tool. According to them, there are several mobile optimized campaigns which accepts traffic from every devices. By this, you’d be able to monetize traffic more effectively.

So far, several people I’ve met claimed that Adworks Media is still the best affiliate networks. Professional webmasters designed this software in such a way you’ll never wish to quit. Ranging from several features do Adworks offer, and thousands of Affiliate Marketers are already earning, big time.

Adwork’s gorgeous web design and seamless tracking make it mobile-friendly to sign up and use as soon as possible. Also, the free in-built link trackers immensely assists your CPA.

Access the AdWork Media



I wasn’t shocked to see online content marketers ask me for referrals and affiliate programs that pay daily, affiliate programs that pay weekly, instant commission affiliate programs.

Well, several other similar questions on this topic have just been solved.

You could still wonder if the above are legitimate affiliate programs that pay daily or weekly. These are tested and confirmed programs that so far proved the credibility of how affiliate marketing works.

Every of these affiliate programs you’ve just looked at already remunerated millions of online marketers. In fact, some of them have paid over billions of dollars. They are 100% legitimate apart from the fact they have thousands of positive feedbacks online.

Importantly, all these affiliate networks allow you to join on freemium. Just remember to know the payments medium of a particular affiliate program before you join.

What are you still waiting for?

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